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Old Navy Haul!!

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Global Forever Fierce Day!

Welcome to our first annual Global Forever Fierce Day! February 19th will now be marked as a day to celebrate the power, vitality, reinvention, and vibrancy of Midlife women. What began in 2017 with the launch of the Fierce 50, has quickly gained momentum from a grassroots, organic Movement into a full-blown Revolution. Women from around the world have joined together to create an actively engaged and collaborative Sisterhood. The Forever Fierce Community is fiercely disrupting the perception of women at Midlife and Beyond. These women share a powerful collective of wisdom through a colorful diversity of life experience. The most heart-centered bloggers below have chosen to feature women from all walks of life in a special blog post by answering the question “What does it mean to be Fierce at Midlife?” The answers will surprise you and most likely disrupt the way you view this demographic.  We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing women. Please come join us in the Revolution on Facebook. Empowered Women at Midlife and Beyond are cool!

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For 2018….be real, be you…

Can we just be candid here for a moment…..

When I began this journey of having a IG page, You tube channel and  “mini blogging”, this idea was to be a FUN, EXCITING, NEW venture…. It soon became a chore. I would gain 20 followers then 30 would unfollow. When I began my channel, so many I would watch ALWAYS, never failed, to always mention what “size” they wore. It all began to be frustrating.

For me 2018 is about progress. I’m me, not perfect. I have flaws, I have wrinkles, I’m just me. I hope you’ll find yourself with the same attitude.. there’s lots of freedom that comes with it.

My 30 Day Review 💫 Saranghae Skin Care

Check out my Review of Saranghae Skin Care!

Saranghae reached out to me via Instagram and wanted me to review their skincare line.

I have been trying and reviewing Saranghae (means Love in Korean) for the past 30 days, actually it’s been closer to 5 weeks and I can say I have really enjoyed using them.

Being a woman in my 50’s skincare is very important. We all have different skin in our Teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and up. We need to adjust our skincare differently in every decade.

Of the five products I used daily, My two favorites are the Saranghae Nourishing oil and foam cleanser with Gold and the Elemental Essence Mask.

I really enjoyed my 20 min Mask once a week, it was nice for some “me time” to relax and feel the Mask with emollient botanicals as well as CoQ10 and Hyaluronic acid (molecules that hold water to diminish fine lines and wrinkles)

Saranghae is a 5 step routine that offers cleanser, serum, eye and face cream along with a weekly mask.

Just watch my video for the full review!

About Saranghae:

Saranghae is an award winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and

protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients and highly effective products has helped

them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States.

For more information please visit:

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My favorite Denim obsession

It’s no secret that I really love YMI Jeans! To make it even better I was selected by YMI and won a pair of my faves they are the Skinny high rise!

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Black Faux leather moto jacket @jcpenney

Black OTK boots @buckle

Bag: @gucci

New Years Casual Glam

A “not so formal approach to New Year’s Eve dressing”

New Year’s Eve is the kind of occasion where going all out with your outfit is entirely expected; but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a dress to look fabulous.

You can be glamorous for the big night even in your most comfortable skinny jeans or black slacks. The trick is pairing your jeans or slacks with the right pieces and accessories to give them a dressed-up look, and you can be comfortable and chic for the countdown to 2018!

Keep Calm and Embellish!

For New Year’s Eve, pair your jeans with a top that dresses up the look. With a skinny Jean, you want to choose a shirt that’s long enough to balance the tight fit of the jeans — your top’s hem should at least reach your hips, although you can choose one with a drop hem that covers your “junk in the trunk”. A sequin tank or tunic is my fave for a New Year’s Eve party, but you can also choose for a beaded or sparkly metallic version. If you want a little more coverage for the cold weather, go with a long-sleeve style that falls off the shoulder or features the popular “cold shoulder style” on the

arms to make your outfit stand out!

Bring on the layers, without cake!

If you’re worried about being cold pair your skinny jeans with a blazer or long duster coat. Not only can it keep you warm, but it’s also long enough to cover your bottom if your top is a bit short. Don’t wear a business Blazer Instead, slip into a velvet moto jacket or a sparkly blazer — wear it with the jeans or slacks and a silky or solid camisole top.

If you want an edge to your look, go with a leather blazer or Moto Jacket and pair it with a silky tank top or blouse to soften the appearance of leather and denim. Pair some sparkly leopard print shoes for a bit of fashion fun!

When walking into your party…make a statement!

The right shoes can get you ready for any New Year’s Eve party. Pumps work well with both Jeans and slacks, so reach for a pair that helps dress up your denim. Velvet or Embellished leather – peep toe heels are an ideal option — you can even find styles that feature rhinestones, crystals or other embellishments to really stand out. Stilettos in a gold or silver finish with embellished straps bring more drama to your look!

If you’re worried about your feet getting cold, boots are the perfect option. Gorgeous booties or embroidered mules look amazing!

Skinny jeans tuck neatly into a pair of tall boots, so choose a knee-high style with high heels to look fierce at your party! If the heels are too high you can go with a shorter heel and have the focal point be your top and or outerwear. Don’t be uncomfortable or you won’t enjoy yourself.

Puttin on the Glitz

If any night calls for statement jewelry, it’s New Year’s Eve, and adding some bling to your outfit takes your look to the next level. If you’re wearing an embellished blouse, let the blouse make the statement and your earrings just compliment the outfit. If you want a more playful approach, chandelier earrings with colorful crystals are a festive touch. Some of my faves are rhinestone embellished large hoops.

Maybe a cuff bracelet, and of course a beautiful bag to tie it all together!

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and all have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Stay Classy,

Lisa @classicstylebylisa

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Coffee and blush

Having some more coffee ☕️ Loving this Blush pink sweater, it’s so cozy and would you believe it’s from Rue 21?? Who knew! It’s so soft 💫✨ Thank you all for stopping by:) I hope you’ll ck out my first video on you tube! I’m excited and apprehensive all at the same time🙌🏻

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